Engage in Real Time with Social Media

Social media is here to stay. It’s not a gimmick, or a trend – it is an important tool in any medical practice’s marketing toolbox.

If you’re not part of the conversation that is social media, your patients will interact elsewhere. Especially your patients who are younger than 40. (Or 50. Or 60.)

Participating in social media engages your patients in a most immediate way. It allows you to react to what’s happening in the real world right now, or post an intriguing video, or link to a helpful article, or announce your latest blog. Patients reply and suddenly you’re engaged in a conversation.

All the while you are branding your practice or facility. Patients and potential patients will know that when you post it will be of real value to them, and they will like, retweet, follow, and most importantly, share your content.

That’s right. Your posts or tweets or photos will show up on your patients’ cell phones, and they will smile, hit “like” or “retweet” or “share” and you have now reached dozens or even hundreds more people. Talk about cost-effective marketing!

Do you have time to set up and monitor multiple social media profiles? Probably not. So who will you assign to do this for your practice? And, if you’re part of a facility that already utilizes social media, how do you make it more personal for a specific group’s patients and would-be patients?

Making sure a single voice represents you on social media is vital. Assigning the management of your various sites to various people just won’t work.

The Patient Engager will make sure that one voice is heard across the social media platforms you choose to take advantage of.

I will help you come up with a social media strategy that will

  • Define goals for your social media engagement
  • Choose which of the many social media channels are right for your practice
  • Decide on protocols that respect and protect your patients’ privacy, and yours
  • Set up profiles on those outlets
  • Create content that offers value to your patients and potential patients
  • Respond to content your patients post
  • Develop an editorial calendar

Social media has changed the world. Call me at 949.266.1678 and we’ll put it to good use to change the way you engage your patients.