Is Your Website Professional AND Personal?

Physicians and other providers often think that the first encounter they have with a patient is when they meet in that exam room. Wrong.

The first encounter is when the patient visits the doctor’s or facility’s website.

That’s where patients first get to know their physicians and the facilities they work with. And, as in any relationship, first impressions count.

Your website might look great, but what does it actually say about you and your practice?

  • Does your website content speak to patients or at them? Is it “just the facts Ma’am,” or does it encourage your future patients to get to know you better by booking an appointment?
  • Does the content come from a template? So many physician and facility websites look and read as if they were cut from the same cookie cutter – interchangeable and forgettable.
  • Is your facility’s website no more than a business card? Or a place you direct patients to download the forms they need? If so, there’s a profit gap that’s waiting to be filled.

To help you demonstrate what is unique about your practice, I will

  • Dig deep into what makes your practice tick, and what sets it apart
  • Provide you with a questionnaire that will help you tune in to your strengths
  • Review those strengths with you to devise a key message
  • Write content that directs visitors to the information they are looking for
  • Collaborate with your web designer

Starting the conversation is what your website content should do. It is the very beginning of patient engagement, and no matter how beautiful your website looks, no matter how many bells and whistles it has, it’s the content that conveys why patients should choose you.

The Patient Engager is here to make sure your website sparks interest in your practice, and has patients clicking right through to that all-important “make an appointment” page. Call me now at 949.266.1678 or email me at to get started on making your website shine.