Let Your Patients See You!

It’s a known fact that seeing someone face-to-face is the best way to engage them in conversation.  You see your patients in the exam room, but what if they could see you in the comfort of their own homes too?

No, I’m not talking about making house calls.

I’m referring to video – a popular way for providers to “talk” with their patients, whenever it’s convenient for the patient.  It’s quickly becoming an expected feature of websites, e-newsletters and even e-mails.

Patients can learn much about you, your practice or your facility with some face time.  Some ideas for using video include

  • discussing new treatments
  • welcoming new patients
  • demonstrating techniques or equipment
  • interviews with you or featured staff

Many physicians and other providers, however, do not feel comfortable getting in front of a camera, wondering

  • What will I say?
  • How long should it be?
  • Where should I film?
  • Who films this for me?
  • What will I say?

I mentioned “What will I say?” twice because that is what often stops your physicians, nurses or other staff from utilizing the power of video.  Many of us are not natural speakers and tend to freeze in front of a camera.

That’s why it’s important to have a script.  A video script gives you the confidence to speak directly to the camera with no hesitations, no stuttering and no worries about going off on a tangent.

To help you build that confidence, I will

  • help you decide on topic ideas
  • write a script that will work within a website or within a newsletter
  • engage a videographer (or work with one you’re familiar with)
  • work with your web designer to ensure video segments function as intended on your site
  • ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera

Video is engaging, and that’s why it’s gaining in popularity.  And, since engaging the patient is what it’s all about, call me today at 949.266.1678 or email me at catherine@thepatientengager.com and let’s get the camera rolling.