Physician Blogs Are Opportunities to Tell Your Story

All day long, doctors listen to their patients’ stories. As the physician, when do you get to tell yours?

A recurring blog on your website creates opportunities for you to tell your story – as a physician, but also as a human being.

You can share with your patients

  • More in-depth information than appointment time allows for
  • Education on specific conditions
  • Timely observations on what inspires you
  • What happens behind the scenes
  • Illuminating anecdotes from your training days
  • The impact of unintended consequences on your practice brought on by the ACA
  • The latest conference take-aways
  • Mentors and patients who have made an impression on you, shaping your approach to medicine
  • Defining moments from your best days as a physician – and your worst

Importantly, you can boost your reputation – and your bottom line – by blogging. Google analytical studies demonstrate that blogs are often the most visited pages on a healthcare provider’s website.

Many practices and facilities write blog posts that could actually be categorized as articles because, although they educate, they say nothing about the person writing them.

Missed opportunities to truly engage their patients!

If improving patient engagement is all about improving communication, shouldn’t your story be told? You, the real, live person, should be part of that communication equation.

There are two major constraints to creating a blog. One, you don’t consider yourself a writer, and two, you have no time.

Both of these obstacles can be solved by having The Patient Engager write your blogs.

I firmly believe that a blog should be personal and that the writer’s voice is heard.  If your name is on it, your voice needs to write it.

That is why I will work with you on each blog post, making sure your patients hear you, not me, in your stories.

In order to do this, I will interview you so I understand

  • Your story
  • Your cadence and inflection – how you speak
  • Your sense of humor
  • What’s important to you
  • The stories you want to tell, and why you want to tell them

And I will do this in under 30 minutes.  No worries about this being a difficult or time-consuming process.

Together we’ll collaborate on a list of potential blog posts. When I have written a post, you will have the opportunity to review it, and provide me with any additional insight.  One review is often all that is necessary to refine the story you want to tell.

Soon you, and your practice or facility, will have an archive of blog posts. These posts will be read – and shared – by your current patients who will smile as though they hear your voice when they read them. Prospective patients will have a more in-depth understanding of who you are, as a doctor and as a human, prompting them to make that appointment.

Call The Patient Engager today at 949.266.1678 or email me at catherine@thepatientengager about setting up your physician blog, and let’s start telling stories.