Keep the Conversation Going with E-Newsletters

Relationships need nurturing.

The only contact patients have with their physicians is during an appointment. And, for many people, that happens once a year, sometimes even less.

Not much opportunity to nurture that relationship.

Enter E-newsletters.

Newsletters that show up on a regular basis in a patient’s inbox are guaranteed to keep your practice front of mind. They can be a personal way to just reach out and say “hey – we’re thinking of you.”

That’s engagement.

Of course, not only do newsletters have to be well-written, they have to be relevant. They should inform and educate, and provide insight into your practice.

The returns on these e-newsletters can be immense. Not only do they build good will among your patients, they are often forwarded to their friends and families. This type of sharing can be directly tied to new patients contacting your office.

A patient reading that e-newsletter should hear your practice’s voice, and that’s where The Patient Engager comes in.

In addition to ensuring that your unique voice comes through in every issue, I will:

  • Set up a template for your e-newsletter
  • Write articles that inform, educate, or even entertain
  • Interview staff members to spotlight what sets your practice apart
  • Work with you to create recurring columns that your patients will look forward to reading
  • Set up a mailing calendar
  • Arrange for the distribution to your patients
  • Advise you regarding the open rate and other analytical data

You’ll know your e-newsletters are having an impact when your patients comment on them during visits. These conversations can be the foundation for the types of patient engagement that truly build relationships.

Call me today at 949.266.1678, or email me at to get started on nurturing your patient relationships.