The Simple Power of Email

Is your practice or facility sending regular emails to your patients? Why not?

Emails are an economical and effective way to welcome new patients to your practice and to reach out to current patients.

Emails can

  • Welcome new patients
  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments
  • Reach out to patients who seem to have slipped through the cracks
  • Accompany lab results through your portal
  • Reassure concerned patients
  • Inform patients of any additions or changes in your practice
  • Quickly respond to and address topics that are trending in the news

Perfectly timed emails can be one of the foundations of the patient experience. Consistent communication is the cornerstone of a solid relationship, which is really what patient engagement is all about.

Creating nurturing emails means

  • Crafting a subject line that guarantees the email is opened
  • Writing a brief message that conveys professionalism as well as friendliness
  • Making an auto-generated email sound personal
  • Using language that leaves no questions in your patients’ minds
  • Building recognition and reputation, as well as relationships

Enhancing your patients’ experience is what the Patient Engager is all about. Let’s talk about how an effective email program can nurture that patient experience – call me today at 949.266.1678 or email me at