About the Patient Engager

I’m Catherine Koperek and I have a unique perspective on that doctor-patient relationship.

I was raised by a pediatrician and married a medical student. As a child I went on house calls with my father and waited in the hospital lobby while he made rounds. In college, I typed my boyfriend’s applications to medical schools, celebrating when he was accepted to each of them. Although I never attended a class, I lived through med school. And an ob/gyn residency. It was obvious early on to me that medicine is much more than a career.

All my life I’ve observed the medical world. Listening to my dad make phone calls to patients when he got home after a long day taught me everything from how to deal with diaper rash to how to comfort a grieving family. Going through residency with my husband taught me way more than I wanted to know about childbirth before actually experiencing it.

Years later, I find myself still observing. This time, however, it is as a patient. I have an ever-growing “Doc” group in my phone contacts – something I did not expect to deal with for many years.

I’m sure my deer-in-the-headlights reaction to an onslaught of symptoms, appointments, tests, and diagnoses is similar to the reaction of health professionals as they grapple with an onslaught of regulations and changes that affect how they practice medicine. As I’ve educated myself about my various conditions, I have also familiarized myself with these changes, keeping tabs on how the complex requirements of the ACA have affected physician engagement. Will those requirements stay in place under the new administration? What health laws will Congress eventually pass? The uncertainty continues.

What is not uncertain is my passion to educate physicians on a patient’s perspective, and vice-versa.

I know physicians become frustrated when patients just don’t seem to understand the depth of knowledge and experience that informs a diagnosis or treatment recommendation. And, oh boy, do patients get frustrated with their doctors when they come away from an appointment feeling as though they just weren’t heard.

As a trained content writer with experience in writing persuasive pieces as well as articles, blogs, e-newsletters and video scripts, I bring uniquely informed professionalism to each assignment.  With my life experiences, I match that professionalism with a credibility that every patient will appreciate.

Using humor and gentle nudging, I hope to facilitate communication between two evolving groups, because I am the patient engager.

I’d be happy to discuss how any of these services can enhance your patients’ experience with your practice, so  give me a call at 949.266.1678 or email me at catherine@thepatientengager.com.